lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009


If you were a disease... what kind of disease would you be?
Would you be something deadly? Something Painful? Contagious?
For me it's hard to say.

Incurable. Some of those weird sickness that affect 1 out of 1381098393 people. Memorably unique.
Symptoms? You get sleepy during the day, hyperactive during the night. You cry for no reason and you laugh uncontrollably during variable periods of time, fluctuating from 10 minutes to a couple of hours. Paranoic behaviour. Dreams tend to get really long and intense, with a strong load of emotional charge. Anxiety. You lose the sense of time and appetite, and strong creativity moments arrive out of nowhere.
On advanced cases, Hallucination, No sense of reality, and in some cases, there's a chance of developing unusual abilities such as the manipulation of energy, teleportation in small distances, increase of movement speed and the appearance of a visible alter-ego with it's own looks, personality and abilities.
There are only 9 cases registered of this strange and powerful disease, that eventually drains the life of it's host causing a relocation of the sickness into a new physical body, carrying the "life" and memories of it's previous owners into a new organism.

What would be yours? :]

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