domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


My blog has been a bit empty lately.
Not that i havent had anything to say, thats for Sure.
But anyway, im writing this because i'm a bit worried...

Here's the thing.
Last friday all classes were suspended here, in Mexico City, Because there has been some people infected with the piggy flu.
It was nice for me. 7am -8pm for me on Fridays.
I was scared. Watching people covering their mouths in empty streets makes me feel as if I Were in the begginings of horror zombie movies.
Today, it was announced that we are not having school [from elementary to college] until april 6.
im just trying to convince my mom and dad to buy millions of cans of food, millions of bottles of water and stay locked in our homes for the whole week, and no one will listen <_<
I wonder why are people not taking this stuff seriously. Can you imagine the amount of danger it exists? Closing all schools, museums, movie theaters, restaurants, and all the places were theres a considerable amount of people is not something you see everyday, and its not something they do just for fun or political reasons <_<
They say there are 1032 infected people in Mexico City, and 80 have died.
At least thats what news in here say.
Everyone is complaining--- But not taking this serious is exactly the reason why things like this get bigger and bigger. I Dont even want to imagine what would happen if these measures werent taken...
Im scared. I really am.
I may be a little paranoic...